The story of Ruth we can read in Ruth 2:2-23 about the gleaning in the fields.

Do you know what “gleaning” is? It is the custom in some districts, after the main crop of grapes has been gathered, to remove the watchman and allow free access to the vineyards for gleaning the last grapes. In other words it was reserved for the poor.

Perhaps you are in the field on your job, in the home out in the community and you see that all the good ones have been plucked up, don’t be discouraged because what you don’t see. God does see, so often we look at scraps and think that there is no value to it. Today my friend the Lord want you to know that the ones you are gleaning in the field will bring you much success and place you in places you never even dreamed about. Remember my friends God can use a little of what you have and make something great.

When we read about the gleaning in the fields God doesn’t want you or I to get caught up in thinking we too must be in a crop field, that is not what God is revealing, yes the bible says field because back then that is what they did. This word gleaning for us to look at all the areas of our lives. What areas in your life right now do you need God to speak to? Don’t you need healing? Don’t you need peace? You and I stand in need from God daily, and each day we glean in the fields of our lives. Just like Ruth was blessed you can receive even much more, why? Because Jesus Christ will bless you beyond your dreams.

It’s not about what our bosses see us doing on the job, it’s not about what our friends see us doing, it’s not about what our family sees us doing, it’s what God sees us doing for He is the one who rewards us. AMEN


3 thoughts on “Gleaning

  1. Oh, Desiray, what a beautiful message, and one I needed to read today.

    When you start your public speaking ministry of encouragement, be sure to invite me to hear you speak!

    Love and thankful hugs,


    1. Thank you sis. You know you will be the first one I’ll invite. Not sure if your on the East Coast or not. But God will provide that is for sure.

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