Do you Enjoy Cooking?

When I was a little girl I loved standing in the kitchen watching my mother cook, one day she said well Desi get yourself a chair and help me cook, oh how I thought I was really cooking a meal.

When I reached my twenties I wasn’t for all that cooking don’t get me wrong I am no “Susie homemaker” my hat goes to those who love to cook. When I want to cook I can through down.  As I am getting older my cooking has changed drastically. I now cook meals that are much healthier, needless to say; have you notice how healthier products are more expensive than others? Being cautious of what one eats is time-consuming. When I am at the store I am reading every label that I pick up making sure that is has the right amount of this and not the junk.

I guess what I am trying to say is I have learned to eat “healthier” and I do love the new way I am eating.  Every now and then your girl will go and eat foods that I really have no business having, but anything in moderation it’s to bad, right? Gotta treat myself for good behavior right? Well at least that is what I am telling myself.

While were in the kitchen preparing meals, God is wanting us to spending time with Him. Often times when we talk to God we do all the talking without waiting to see what His response is. If you don’t wait for the food to be done that meal doesn’t taste right and it could probably make you sick. So remember the time it took you to prepare your meal give God some time as well.

My favorite meal to make is Salmon, oh I could eat this every day. I get fresh Salmon along with fresh Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts sprinkle some  lime juice over the fish and the vegetables. It takes only twenty minutes to make.

Well that’s it folks now share with me “if you enjoy cooking” I thank you in advance for sharing with me.


2 thoughts on “Do you Enjoy Cooking?

  1. I do enjoy cooking. And over time my cooking style has changed. Less is more and for it to be real. The cost of groceries is high and keeps getting higher. Yet, God keeps telling me less is more and to enjoy the beauty of food he created. I am grateful for all I have and I pray for those that do not have. And I pray to give to those that do not have.

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