The Armor of God

Good Evening to you all! I first want to say that if you haven’t heard my recent Podcast Devotion entitled  “The Things God Provides.”As you read this devotion you are coming in the middle of the story instead of the very beginning.

While at the doctor’s office today the tech who I always see her and I was doing a little bit of catching up. One of the things we discussed was the Lord, then I went on explaining to her how I have been under attack fighting this demonic spirit at work. The moment I said that she said “oh sister Desiray” have you been wearing the Whole Armor of God before entering that building? I said no, I have been only wear half of my Armor. Family the moment I said those words the presence of the Holy Spirit was in that room with us, she immediately begin rebuking that demonic spirit, the power of God was so strong in that room that I could hardly contain myself, my spirit man was shaken by the words that came out of her mouth.

When she finished I thanked her so much for warring in the Spirit for me that is what Jesus meant when He said we are to lift one another up in prayer. What Jesus did through her was amazing it remind me that I can never go without my Armor I am to wear the Whole Armor of God not just parts of it. God has His servants working in all types of places awaiting to serve. I am a firm believer that God knows exactly who and where to send His Children to get a word. It is amazing how we as humans can get so comfortable and relax. When we get like this the devil thrives when we are not aware of those demonic spirits that lurk around all day seeking whom he can tear apart. We really need to be careful of being so relaxed because those demonic spirits are persistent. God tells us that we are to be ready .

I pray for all my Christian brothers and sisters would start now by wearing their Whole Armor of God every day. AMEN





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