Character Building

Good Morning to you. This mornings devotion I promise not to make it lengthy. Over the last several postings I was very honest with you about my journey of challenges.

I’ve even went to share my testimony. God has shown me many different things that He is going to be working within me. One of them is character and that is what I want to share briefly with you my brothers and sisters.

As Christians we forget how our character is to be displayed. We allow how we are feeling to mold our character when God is telling us that our character has to be like Christ at all times.

There is always either a person or some type of circumstances tearing away at us trying to keep us from being like Jesus.

Have you ever asked yourself why God is concerned about character? I’m sure you haven’t asked. But during my time of hardships these few months, God said perseverance works character.

The process hurts I will not lie, but Jesus never said it was going to be easy. Our character should always Christ. Amen!

Enjoy your Blessed Friday.

8 thoughts on “Character Building

  1. Our character matters a lot more than we realize. It actually goes before us and is left behind us through our journey. I pray mine reflects Christ more than myself.

    Great post sis!

  2. Desiray, this is another great reminder to see things from God’s perspective instead of our own. Thank you for challenging our thinking and our comfort, especially when they are falling out of alignment with God’s best for us.

    You are an amazing blessing to the body of Christ. May God bless you in return!

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