Forgiveness: When you Forgive but they won’t Let you to FORGET!!!

WHEW! This one is a big one! Don’t worry we are going to get through this one. The reason this is so hard for us all is because it cuts right through us. When we have been hurt, disappointed it leaves wounds, some wounds don’t even recover because the damage is far to great. I don’t want to decrease no ones feelings or thoughts because forgiveness is not easy.

We all have stories and thoughts about forgiveness some will say I may forgive but I won’t forget, and that is okay you don’t have to forget what was done to you, but we must forgive everyone. When we choose not to forgive did you know that you become that person prisoner? I know you don’t think so but let me explain this, think back to an incident that happen where you did not forgive that person, think about how it made you feel and how if you saw that person it still bothered you?

Those are known as wounds not healed, but yet the person who did this to you they have moved on with life they have forgotten what they did, maybe they aren’t aware that you are still heart-broken over it. Do you see now how you have become their prisoner?

For most of us we can forgive quickly but depending on the severity of the circumstances most of us don’t forgive to quickly we go through all the emotions of pain and suffering then after we have had several talks in our mind about how we are going to treat this person, now we are able to stop the emotions and move on, so we think we have.

You and I will never walk in complete freedom if we hold on to grudges and unforgiveness. When you forgive it does not mean you are making excuses for their behavior towards you, forgiveness cleans your heart and sets you free. And it will allow the Lord to work in his or her heart.

Let me give you some examples of what unforgiveness can it brings hate, anger, malice, resentment, revenge, this is just the mental part. Our physical bodies are  affected by our unforgiveness. We bring worrisome depression sickness and illness our bodies wasn’t designed for this. God didn’t create us for us to destroy ourselves.

We all have been here before you forgive them but they won’t let you forget. When a person does that it is only the enemy using them to trying to bring you back to that place of pain, you forgiven them but that other person hasn’t and so they don’t know how to move on and they want you to be as miserable as they are.

You can’t let the enemy take your freedom which Jesus gave you. Only thing you can do is first recognize where the source is coming from and rebuke Satan and tell that person you forgiven them long time ago but you will not walk down this road with them, all because they want to make you feel guilty. You pray for them and let God deal with them. For that is all anyone of us can do. And that is all Jesus expects you and I to do… Remember only Jesus can touch mans heart not us.. AMEN

19 thoughts on “Forgiveness: When you Forgive but they won’t Let you to FORGET!!!

    1. Stuart we all have been guilty of this, forgiving ourselves is just as hard as forgiving people. That is why it has to be done through the love of God in our hearts.

  1. This is lovely. I work with a woman who I thought to be my friend and now she is cruel and angry. I have tried to talk to her about it, to no avail. I wake up every day and say “I forgive you.” Every day I need a new round of forgiveness to give. I think God has me in a training ground of some kind. I will keep waiting and forgiving, but it makes me really tired. Thank you for this little reminder that I am on the right track. Love and blessings!

    1. You know Laura you are more then welcome my sister. When we have forgiven a person in our hearts there is no need for us to wait for that person to change. See forgiveness sets you free, not them. What we do now is take them to the Lord in prayer and God will start working on their hearts.

      God understands about you and this person who you thought were friends, but you need to know that the Lord doesn’t want us to be walked over. There are some relationships that will never be what they use to be. Look at the relationships of the people in the Bible and how some of their friendships had changed all because they followed Christ.

      What I have found out is that when we try to talk it doesn’t work because see that person hasn’t changed their hearts and until a person’s heart is changed they will never understand what forgiveness looks like .

      It’s good that you are still praying for friend, and each time you pray for her God will do amazing things in your heart as well as hers.

      You mentioned that you keep waiting and it makes you tired. Forgiveness shouldn’t make you tired don’t let the enemy put those negative thoughts in your head. Once you forgive that settles it.

      1. Thank you, my dear. You are so kind and helpful. You are right. I guess i’m just sensitive, and get my feelings hurt too easy, but I have to put on my armor and keep going. I will let go and let God. Bless you!

      2. Amen. That’s the best thing to do . Let go and let God. God knows that we are sensitive. He cares about that part of us as well. He wants us to move forward in what holds us back.

    2. Laura, I soooo identify with what you are saying. But our sister Desiray has given you (and me, now that I have read her replies to you) some great wisdom to live by. Whenever that old unforgiveness tries to edge back into our hearts, let’s let it remind us to pray for each other. I Peter 5:7

      God bless you!


  2. Desiray, this was another much-needed article.

    Sister, I just wish you lived next door so we could walk and pray together each day. You are such a treasure in the body of Christ!

    God bless you!

  3. Forgiveness is a command. That means God will help us when we want him to. I think forgiveness is sometimes a process of I want to forgive, to I will forgiven, to I do forgive. once we do it, we are set free and you are right that we have to keep the enemy at bay by reminding him we have forgiven.

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