What is it about “Regret” that gets all our Energy?

Philippians 3:31 says”Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,

What God says about “REGRET”

When it comes to regrets we all can agree that we wish we could change the time of hand, we look back at our past and yesterdays and wish we done things differently. But they say there is nothing we can do about our past but look towards our future, but if that is the case then why do we give our regrets so much of our time and energy?

What do we really think we can do step back into time? That can’t be done, do we think we can make up for what we’ve done, I seriously doubt it. But what we can always do and that is learn a valuable lesson from it and move in the future with new heights and new out looks.

In this verse Paul was a type of person many people did not like, see his background was just like ours and so once he saw the truth he learned everyday to press towards his future, not to say that he will totally forget about what he did in his past because as you see from his letters he write while being in jail he talked about who he was before his experience with Jesus on Damascus Road.

What Paul is saying this that his past does not determine who he is today. His past does not make him the man who stand in front of you today. When a person comes in a relationship with Jesus their past will never define who they are now.

Some people have held on to their past for so long that they are drowning in it. They are held captives by what the past has been. Don’t be a captive of bondage but be like a bird and be free to fly over the horizons and see new heights in which God has for you. AMEN


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