The Obvious

Meat to Ponder on today: Your Spiritual Exercise

Sometimes in life we over-look the obvious and why we do it? I wish I knew, at times I wonder could it be that we are thinking it’s coming from a different source? Yeah, I think that is what we think. But when we do that we end up setting ourselves so far back from where we started.

And we never end up getting to the finish line, and we never get any closer. We are constantly dragging ourselves right back to where we was the last time, all because we over-look the obvious.

Today I challenge you to keep your eyes open because the very thing you have wanted is right in front of you. Don’t overlook it again all because it’s not what you thought, for if you do the the only person you have to blame is yourself. For you overlooked the obvious.

Never under-estimate the smallest and simplest thing in life, we tend to look at huge things and think that is our blessing when in fact all it is; is a huge thing nothing more nothing less.

Have a Blessed Friday.

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