Blessings in Everyday

1 Thessalonians  5:16 says Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


Everyday we should be able to open our eyes and see the good in that day. I dare to ask the question, “how do you see your day?” do you see it as being half full or half empty? Truth be told many of us see our day by what is in front of us. If we are facing hardship then we won’t see the day being a good day. If everything is going well in our world then we see it as a good day.

When you asked someone how are they or say good day to them some people response is “what’s so good about it?” The reason a person response like this is because they don’t see the blessing in that day. They just don’t see how blessed they are to be alive.

You and I can’t allow ourselves to become blind my what we see through our natural eyes. What we have to and must do all the time is open our spiritual eyes, once we do that then and only then can we appreciate that day. It’s not to say that we are to be completely numb to the things around us; no, that is not what the Lord will have for us. What He is teaching us in His word is to see beyond what the natural mind can’t understand or see.

I’ve leaned over the years that just because things aren’t going the way I would hope for, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the blessing of that day. For each day is a blessing and I can count all of them, can you?

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