Learning to Appreciate Oneself

When it comes to appreciation we can be thankful for many things from our home, family, careers and for the things we have obtain over the years. But what about appreciating self” not many people know how to appreciate themselves, and this is because of several factors in life, maybe you wasn’t told all through your child-hood that you are to love yourself, and that you are very unique. Now I know most people will say well the world does a lot of teaching men and women about how to love themselves, and you are right there are thousands of books, magazines and conferences and seminars on that very thing.


But let’s talk truth here because if a person does not love themselves from the beginning no book, magazine or motivational speaker can teach you or bring that out in you if it’s not already planted in your heart.

Now the flip side of the coin is this, because we don’t live in a perfect world and everyone was not blessed with parents who demonstrated love, the only way for them to love themselves is to first forgive their parents for their lack of.

You’re shocked that I said forgive, the reason is this, when forgiveness is not displayed you become bound to your parents negligence. The only way you can move forward is to forgive them, once forgiveness is giving you are now moving towards the  healing process. Which you will then be ready to move in freedom. If you never forgive people then the only person you have to blame for your misery is yourself. We can’t control what people do to us. What we can control is our response to them.

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