Whose Voice RU hearing?

Mathew 3:17 says’ and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”

Have you ever noticed that when you aren’t sure about what to do you start hearing these voices trying to persuade you?  These voices come in different stages. They first like to speak to our past, that’s right see these voices thrive on getting us to think about what was. Secondly, these voices will send people or circumstances to get you to believe the lie. You know who these people are. They are the ones who tells you that it’s impossible or you didn’t hear from God.

All of us have experienced these voices. We just need to stop listening to theme and heed more to the voice of God. Now you may ask how do I know when God is speaking? God speaks to us through His word, He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, He speaks through His Son Jesus, He speaks to us in our innermost sanctum.

We struggle at times hearing from God because we don’t stop long enough to listen to what God has to say. And when we do hear from the Lord, we write it off because we refuse to accept what was spoken.  Always remember this, the voice of God will NEVER contradict the word of GOD! We really need to be very careful about whose voices we are listening to and following. When we ignore the voice of God we are playing with danger.

Ezekiel 1:25 says” And there came a voice from above the expanse that was over their heads; whenever they stood still, they dropped their wings.

Psalm 68:33 says ” To Him who rides upon the highest heavens, which are from ancient times; Behold, He speaks forth with His voice, a mighty voice.

Ezekiel 43: 2 says’ and behold, the glory of the God of Israel was coming from the way of the east And His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory.

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