Stumbling Blocks

Psalm 37:24, though he stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.

You and I will stumble in our walk with the Lord but one thing we can rest assure about and that is He will never let us fall. How many times have you started out doing one thing for God and you start out pretty good but somehow after a day or two you stop doing it? Anything that gets into our path or hinders us from moving forward is a cause for panic.

And boy do we panic, we can’t get around this thing, we try to look over it, but we can’t see. So, we do what we know how to do and that is place other things in front of it, so we can see what is over this thing that is in front of us. Everything we tried did not work. Now we found ourselves sitting in front of this massive thing having a conversation with ourselves. Wondering if we turn back around can we take a different avenue? Can we find a short cut and still get to our destination? Countless of conversations and scenarios playing in our minds and still none of it works.

Stumbling blocks are a part of life there’s no way around it no way to stop it. Only solution is that we must face it, but we don’t face it alone, glory to God. So often in our walk we are brought to our knees for a moment in a season, but we don’t stay there alone for God’s hand comes and lift us up. God cares and loves each one of us so much that He sustains us. Aren’t you glad that God knows the hearts of every man women and child? That no matter what comes our way that God is right along our side.

That is assurance that you and I can rest in. Nothing in this world can compare to what we have in God Almighty. We don’t have to look no further then back to yesterday and see had not God held our hand we would have fallen.

I challenge you today, to be aware of the Lord holding your hand. I know it may sound weird or strange, but we can get so use to our daily routine that we miss taking a hold of God’s hands before we start the day. We know He holds our hands but this morning before you do anything or go out your door first take a hold of His hand and let His hand guide you today. AMEN!

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