While Your Waiting On God to Handle It

Ecclesiastes 9:10 says” Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.

We find ourselves always standing and watching for something, don’t we? Haven’t we heard that a watched pot will never boil. It’s the moment that we walk away from that pot that the water starts boiling. When we are baking a cake, we turn that oven light on and we hover over it waiting for it to rise. We are so anxious to see how it will turn out that we take it out the oven and touch it. When we cook meat instead of letting it rest before cutting it we are cutting with anxiety, and now the meat is not cooked to perfection because the meat is running with blood.

Only to find that the meat is rare, unworthy for serving, the cake is not done inside. Boy do we have a mess on our hands. We blame the recipe we place blame and fault with everyone except ourselves. Same thing applies to your relationship with God. We have done our praying and now it’s that waiting time that has us unease. We stand looking to see if what we prayed for is on its way up the path. Sometimes we might be standing there for days, and here we are waiting as if we can control the timing.

God tells us in our time of waiting that we need to find our hands doing something. In other words, instead of us looking out the window as if we are waiting for it to come up to our door. We need to find our hands doing work for the Lord. It’s when we meaningful work that our minds are taking away from the questions that are playing in our minds.

In all my life of serving the Lord one thing I know and that is I can’t stand keeping looking out a window when God’s Kingdom has work to be done. That’s like you know you must clean your house, but you rather let your dishes and laundry go unattended because you’re afraid you’re going to miss what God has for you. First, what God has for you is for you and not no one else. Second no person has ever missed out on what God has for them. Do you really thing that God is going to say “well since you weren’t there He is going to hand it over to someone else? Seriously, My God is not like that. Man is like that. Go find something for your hands to do.

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