Your Assignment` What Shall I DO?

Often throughout the course of our day people come into our lives for various reason and no matter what it might be we are held with a question. What shall I Do. Some of us think it’s not our job to do anything. While others believe that it’s someone else’s duty to do it and so we go on along with our lives.

When God places people in our paths it’s for a reason. It’s not about us it’s about doing the Father’s Will. Sometimes it might be just as simple as you are having a real conversation with them. Other times it could be that they need to see the Jesus in you.

And so for this short post today I want you to think about the statement “What shall I Do?” because every day the Lord always brings people our way. What will you do today when God places that person in your path?

Will you say Lord, what will you have me to do? Or will you let your assignment pass and let someone else do what you were to do?

Thank you all so much for your comments and liking the devotions that I share with you. If you would be so kind when you select the like button could you also give it a rating? It’s directly underneath the tile of today’s devotion.


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