Last Day of The Year

How are you planning to spend your last day in 2018?  While preparing for church yesterday, I was standing at the coffee maker making coffee when it had dawned on me that today is the last Sunday of the year. I than started thinking about what I will miss about 2018 and what I have learned from it? If I had to give a statement or word as to what 2018 was for me. I would have to say that I learned how to stand in persecutions. It was my faith in Jesus Christ that got me through it all.

I look forward to what the Lord will have me to do in 2019.

One thing I don’t want to do and that would be to bring any mess into the New Year. That is why a couple weeks ago I decided that I was going to write on paper everything that I tend to be anxious about. I don’t want those things to be part of me any longer. And so what I did was, I got a piece of paper and wrote down the things that I am anxious about. After writing them down I took them in prayer to the Lord and I explained to Jesus how I felt about each one of them and why I felt that way. Then I ripped the paper into tiny little pieces as a symbol of it’s no longer a part of me for I have given it over to the Lord and never to pick it up again.

Now you might be saying sister Desiray you could have done that long time ago? And you are so right. God knows when we are real with Him. Those other times I wasn’t ready in my heart to let them go. When a person becomes sick and tired of being sick and tired, they will come to the end of themselves. God has also taught me what I need to do to keep myself free from being anxious. I am more careful to what my eyes sees, I am careful to what I listen to. I make sure I get enough sleep by going to bed same time each night. I make sure hit my gym three to four nights a week.  If someone starts gossiping or speaking negatively around me, I don’t stay around. If I can’t move away, I tell that person to move away from me because I don’t want to hear the negativity.

There is a reason as to why the Lord tells us what we should be thinking on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. We must be careful folks for the enemy wants us to be surrounded with ungodliness. When we are entertaining it, we don’t give much thought to it until it starts to take a toll on us.

Just the other day at work one of my coworkers started talking to me about this demon show she watches on television and asked me do I watch it? I told her that I don’t watch demonic shows for my faith doesn’t allow me to be a part of evil. That stopped that conversation quickly. I could tell she was not happy, for she wanted to talk but I can’t and won’t be a part of those types of conversations. Can you see family how the enemy is so cunning? Her and I talk all the time at work. Maybe you are thinking that there is no harm in just listening to what she had to say. Even if you don’t watch those shows. Oh my friend there is a lot of harm in listening to it.

Jesus Himself had to rebuke the devil and told Satan it is written!

Now if you don’t mind can you tell me what the Lord taught in 2018?  May you all have a Blessed Happy New Year!!!! See you in 2019. Love you all and I pray that God uses you in a mighty way for the Kingdom of God.


3 thoughts on “Last Day of The Year

  1. Goodness He’s taught me much this year. But one of the most freeing things is learning to let others feel the consequences of their actions and not trying to fix evvvvverything and enable loved ones. It’s exhausting trying to be everybody’s everything. It’s not my job and yet it’s what I want t to do. Thankful I am getting free from that.
    God bless you and Happy New Year sweetie.

    1. Thank you for sharing that. What God has taught you is hard for us . I know for me I am so quick to wanna fix it for my family. I remind myself that I have to let them learn things for themselves.

      Being free is such a blessing. I look at where I was and I am like why did you do this to yourself?

      You have Happy New Year.

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