Purpose of the Altar

1 Kings 8:54 says, When Solomon had finished praying this entire prayer and supplication to the LORD, he arose from before the altar of the LORD, from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread toward heaven.

If I asked you to tell me in your own words what does the word Altar means to you? We all will have different meanings. The purpose of an altar is to worship and connect with God. It is a sacred place where the person goes to meditate pray seek the face of God. One of the benefits of being at the altar is to become revived, it’s like being awaken in your spirit by the Holy Ghost.

If there ever was a time for people to be at the altar the time is now.  We need to press in until we reach the throne room of God. Not just for ourselves but for this world and the people in this world. People are hurting in places that you never thought they would. People are covering up their hurt and pain and the sad thing about it is that we who are Christians see them on our jobs, at the grocery stores, the malls and we need to be running to the altar praying for their souls.

The altar is not just the one you go to on Sunday’s when you’re at church, your altar is right where you are standing. How many times have you had a friend tell you what challenges they are facing and before you walk away you tell them that you will be praying for them? Only to later forget to pray for them. We all are guilty of this. I be the first to say it.

About several years ago the Lord fixed that within me, I told a person those exact words and when it was my prayer time, I forgot to pray for them. The Holy Spirit convicted me and said the next time you tell a person you are going to pray for them; you will pray for them immediately. You will pray while they are standing with you. I learned a great value lesson.

We are human we make mistakes we don’t mean to forget but we do. And now my altar is right where I am. When I am at work and I need to pray I will excuse myself and run to the lady’s room and pray for that is my altar at that very moment. It all comes down to this family every one of us if faced with something and we need to be running to the altars praying for everyone.

Let not your altar just be the one you go to on Sunday’s. AMEN

14 thoughts on “Purpose of the Altar

  1. I often see prayer requests on Facebook. This may sound a bit strange, but I immediately place my hand on the computer screen and say a prayer for that person, or that situation, or whatever the request is for. I guess this is the new way of “laying hands”.

    1. Barbara I see nothing weird about what you do. Many people put prayer request on Facebook and sometimes people don’t even acknowledge the request.

      Thanks for commenting.

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