You and Jesus in The Morning.

Psalm 63:1 says” O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.

Let me ask you a question: Do you invite Jesus to the places you go to?  I could imagine how the conversation would go.

Jesus: Good Morning my child
You: Good Morning
Jesus: What are you going to do today?
You: Not sure Lord
Jesus: You haven’t talked to me really this morning, is something on your mind?
You: No, Lord everything is okay
Jesus: If you say so
You: Lord I got a busy schedule today can we do this later, when I get home?
Jesus: If that is what you want
You: OH, I hate this day. So much to do and little time to get all done. Wish I never gotten out of bed.
You: I just need people to leave me alone today.
You: I think I go shopping that normally cheers me up yeah, spend money.
You: Oh gosh there is that woman from church. I am not up to talking I hope she doesn’t see me. Whew thank God, she didn’t.
Holy Spirit: I come to give you peace my child.
You: Who is that talking, I don’t see no one.
You: I get peace when I am away from people doing my own thing. I better get back to work lunch is over.
Boss: You are late and we have gotten behind. I am going to need you to stay late today.
You: I can’t stay late today I have other engagements.
Boss: Either you stay late or you can consider yourself fired.
You: Now what am I to do.
Holy Spirit: I come to give you peace.
You: Okay, what do you want from me?

Jesus: My daughter when you got up this morning you didn’t spend time with me to get your instructions concerning today. I sent the Holy Spirit to speak to you, but you ignored Him. I even sent a woman from your church your way to help you, but you hid from her.

You: I know Lord, I am sorry. Forgive me. What can I do now to make it right?

Jesus: You must work for your boss. Remember I said in my word, obey those who are over you. You are to work as unto the Lord. As far as your other plans they will have to come later. I will mend that bridge for you,

Like so many of us this is how our conversation at times goes when we don’t first seek Jesus to get our instructions for the day. If you don’t start your day off with seeking the Father expect a chaos day. It’s never too late to go and make it right with the Lord. We as Christians need to know what Jesus has to say concerning us this day.


5 thoughts on “You and Jesus in The Morning.

  1. God does want our firstfruits in the morning! 🙂 Great post, Desiray. I like to see an example of a personal exchange between someone and Jesus.

  2. I made it a point this week to get up a few minutes earlier than usual to spend time reading my Bible. It’s been good so far. Hope I can keep it up. Normally, I’ll forget about spending time with the Lord if I wait until the end of the day.

    1. It’s so easy for us to forget. I too for about six months have been having my scripture reading in the morning before I go to work. It really had made a difference in day.

      I use to have my devotionals in the evening that way the Lord is the last word I hear before going to sleep.

      Thank you for commenting and I pray you continue with it in the morning. We really do serve an amazing God.

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