Watch the Company you keep!!!

1 Corinthians 15:33 says, Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”

How aware are you of your surroundings? There will always be people that we encounter who will try to bring their darkness to you. When we encounter a person who constantly has something negative to say it’s because they are not a happy person on the inside. Remember the saying misery loves company.

And how true it is. This type of person wakes up with gloom and nothing good to say. They want you to be just like them, and when you are not, they will try even harder to make their presence stronger.

You know this type of person you say, “good morning” and they say what’s so good about it? Or perhaps they don’t even speak at all. No matter what you say they will always try to find something negative to say. If you and I aren’t careful about how we handle people like this, we can be drawn into them. Therefore, it is so imperative that we set boundaries.

As a Christian we are to love and how we show that love is being kind to people. But just because your kind doesn’t mean that you are to be like them. You are the salt of the earth. When a person speaks negative constantly you must speak truth regardless of how they might feel. The problem that most of us struggle with is that we immediately want to be liked by all people, so we tend to compromise and allow ourselves to fit in like them.

Jesus never once allowed Himself to fit in with the crowd. He encountered negative people all the time. There was always someone who had something to say, even his disciples. But Jesus immediately handled each situation with the word of God. If you and I are ever going to be the salt of the earth, we can’t be like the world and accept the world’s behavior.

When we don’t speak the truth to them, they will assume that you agree with them.

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