Polite Conversation Or Meaningful Conversation.

1 Peter 3: 15 says” But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

Good day and thank you for visiting The Devotion Cafe site today. Before I get into your devotion, I first want to say that I hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day.

How comfortable are you with talking with a stranger? Stay with me here. Many will say that they don’t engage in chatter with people that they don’t know. But in all honesty we do it throughout our day. Every one of us has had polite conversation with a stranger. Some of us we engage in a little more than just having small talk we go into a more meaningful conversation. We just never know who we will be helping during that time of meeting.

My husband and I went away to a resort for the Memorial Day. During our stay on this one day we were standing in line ordering some food after we went on an adventure walk. While hubby was paying for our meal, I started looking for seats for us. The place was packed. And so, I asked this one family was the table next to them taken? The woman said no it wasn’t but that we can have their seats for they were leaving.

As we began to eat, they’re was these three ladies who asked if they could join us. Now what you must know is that the tables were all picnic tables which means they are long tables. We said of course you can.  And so, the five of us started engaging in small talk like what state are you from and have you been here before?  Nothing huge just simple small talk. As I said we all have polite conversations with people every day.

Once we finished the small talk, they talked among themselves and so did we. Then one of the ladies said to us ” you two look happy in your marriage.” we said, “yes we are very much so and thanked her for that compliment. I then asked them if they had a relationship with God?  And all three of them said oh yes, we have a relationship with Jesus.

Turned out that all the ladies were once married before, but they didn’t wait on God for a husband. And now they are wanting to meet that special man that God has for them. As I shared my testimony with them about how I meet my husband and how the Lord had to change my heart towards marriage. I have to say that it encouraged them.

Later that day we saw the ladies again in another store and they asked me to pray for them and I told them I sure will. I am a firm believer that nothing just happens by chance. Every day of every second God has a divine appointment for us to be a witness and to help our fellow man. Your small chatter just might be the opportunity that the Lord wants you to share something about yourself to encourage someone.


4 thoughts on “Polite Conversation Or Meaningful Conversation.

  1. Yes thank you for sharing this! It’s a good reminder that interruptions can sometimes be God knocking on your door. I am so guilty of having a blocked-off attitude all the time and never wanting to connect with others. I know that I have missed out on so much blessing in the past because of my “no”. But we must keep saying “yes”!

    1. You know Molly, about 20 years ago I was what you call block off attitude. But something happened to me to change my attitude. And I know your heart will change as well. Its that first encounter that opens our heart to see the hand of God working at that very moment.

      God will keep pursuing you in this area. May your heart be ready to say yes. God bless you. For the Father knows all His children’s heart. Amen.

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