What is your Portion?

Psalm 16:5 says” LORD, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.

There will come a time in one’s life when they will have to have a made-up mind, that they will follow Christ to the end with no turning back! When we read the story of David, we see allot of things in which David did, some good some bad just like you and me.

David made up his mind that he was going to follow God to the end. Today you and I are faced with this same question” will you make up your mind in following the Lord Jesus Christ?”

David the psalmists begins with expressions of devotion, which may be applied to Christ; but ends with such confidence of a resurrection, as must be applied to Christ, and to him only. David flees to God’s protection, with cheerful, believing confidence.

The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance the Messiah speaks. Jehovah is the portion of mine inheritance; I seek no earthly good; I desire to do the will of God, and that only. It is God who has given me this lot to redeem mankind to have them for mine inheritance. From him I have received the cup of suffering, which I shall drink for their sake. Through which I shall impart to them the cup of consolation. He, by the grace of God, has tasted death for every man; and he has instituted the cup of blessing to commemorate his passion and death.



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