Living for Today

Psalm 118:24 says” This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

We all have heard this cliche statement “Living for today” but what is really living for today? Do you know how to live for today? What is your today? Society makes up their own rules and most of us buy into what they say. We have adopted it and before long it’s now apart of us.
Living for today is being content and thankful for this very day, not tomorrow not next week but right now. This day is your living for today. God gives you just what you need for this day so that you can live. We don’t see it because our eyes are so focused on what we don’t have. And once it’s gone we can’t do anything to get it back.
Tomorrow has enough troubles of it’s own don’t bring your tomorrows into your today for that is not living. Live what God has given you and place your eyes on what is real and you will begin to know how to truly live for today.

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