Wrestling With GOD

What lessons can we learn from Jacob? Genesis 32: 24-28

Jacob was the son of  Isaac and Rebekah the brother of Esau and the grandson of Abraham and Sarah.

Jacob is known for his trickery. For he tried to persuade Esau to sell him his birthright and when he said no. He tricked his poor father into believing that he was Esau and so his dad ended up giving him the birthright. He came out of his mother’s womb grasping his brother’s Easu heal, all because he wanted to come out the womb first.

Anytime you and I have anything that is not Godly in our lives God will break it. For Jacob, God had to break those things which was a distraction to him. Which kept him from coming to God in that still time.

Jacob eventually became so hungry for God that he said he was not going to leave until the angel blessed him. When was the last time you and I became so hungry for God?

Jacob was broken by all his pretenses. Jacob had to stop pretending with God. How many times we pretend with God? Be one way at church and soon service is over we get into our cars and start yelling at the children?

Talking nasty to the sales clerk, and you just got out of service praising God? Do you really think your worship to God was in spirit and truth? We have to stop pretending with God and be honest about who we really are. And that include our attitudes and behaviors.

And last but not least God wanted time with Jacob. What is God doing in your life that He’s been trying for days, weeks, months and years to get your attention? You know He’s speaking to you. But what we do is ignore the voice of God and say “ oh that was just me thinking it in my mind. ” No family that was the spirit tugging at your heart.

God desires time with us and when you and I put other things in front of God, God become jealous and don’t like it. There can be no distractions when you are with God, don’t let your favorite reality show or conversation to your best friend come before your time with God.

And so when Jacob learned these truths about himself he told the Man I am going to stay here until you bless me. Jacob was saying Lord, I want you to remove those things in me that is not godly and help me to be a much better person then I was.

Today I ask you to think about your own private time,. Are you giving God more time then you give other things? Are those other things more important then GOD?

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