God Meets Us in Our Messes

Joshua 1:5 says” No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

There is something about being in a mess that gets our attention more than anything in this life. I strongly do believe it’s because it’s the only time we are paying attention and letting go of trying to control the situation. What can we learn in the mess that we are in? So, glad you asked, there are many things and below I have listed a few.

God cares about what bothers us more then we think. Often, we question if God cares about the little petty things that bothers us? God cares about every little thing. If He didn’t care He never would have said, cast all your fears upon Him for His yoke is easy. He also tells us in Psalm 56:8 that God not only sees our tears but that He collects them. I like to think that when I cry, He is wiping my tears.

Your situation did not take God by surprise! I don’t know where we get the idea or notion that God is surprised by what comes our way. Everything that comes our way must go through the Father first. I know this might sound strange but even the hurt we experience it goes through God first and He allows the pain and hurt in our lives for reason we don’t understand. For His ways are not like our ways, neither is His thoughts like ours.

God can and will clean up your mess in His perfect timing not ours. No one loves being in the wilderness, we all would love to be on that mountain top where the grass is green and the flowers are sweet. But living on the mountain top will not allow you to be stretch. We must grow just like anything in life we need soil to keep our strength, that is why we must encounter disappointments, it builds character. We must have a little rain in our lives so that we can appreciate those sunny days despite not seeing our prayers answered.

Above all one must Trust and Stand Still! This is the hardest for us, we talk to other people of wisdom to get some idea of how to do this, we think that they might know what God is up too? But let me strongly encourage you. No human being can see the future of what God is doing in your life, remember the church body of believers are to support and lift you up when you can’t pray for yourself. But only “YOU” can stand stillĀ and trust God. If you aren’t willing to do that then what you are saying is that your problem is bigger than God and God can’t take care of you.

The bible has many people who had messed up lives and you are no different than they are. They always didn’t listen or obey but somehow in their mess they came to the end of themselves and let God do what must be done. I am so glad that I serve a God of a second chance and who is long-suffering. When you think that your mess couldn’t get any better go find someone in the bible and read their story and then you will see just how God worked in their mess. Now if you aren’t wanting God to work in your mess then that’s a total different story as well and there are stories in the bible of people who refused to allow God to be God in their life.

Food4thought: Messes in life are never good at any time but if God is in your life you will triumphant over your mess. AMEN!