It’s Our Wedding Anniversary

Today is me and my husband’s Wedding Anniversary, we have been married for six years now. 
Our Anniversary

On this day I would like to share with you my readers my experiences on being married to this man who God has truly blessed me with. I meet my husband while I working in the pharmaceutical business. He would come into the pharmacy once a month to pick up his prescription, he was always pleasant we only said maybe a few words like how are you doing today. Then he would be on his way out the door. This went on for over a year, the next following year he asked me if I would have dinner with him on a Friday night? My response was no, I can’t because I had plans with my daughter but we could go Saturday if that would work for you? Needless to say we went to dinner on Saturday and we never stopped having dinner since.

Over the course of our dating time our conversations was about marriage, yes, he started talking marriage. But I wasn’t wanting to hear anything about marriage. Eventually after praying about it we went to his pastor for counseling because God had revealed to me that Ron was the one for me. During that time we both wrote a covenant  and vowed to it so that we keep boundaries within our relationship so that we don’t sin before we are married. (that’s right, we didn’t have sex while dating we stayed pure towards ourselves and to GOD) was it easy, of course not because the flesh always want to fight against what is pure. But we both knew that we wanted to stand before God at that altar knowing in our hearts that we remain pure until we got married.

Another element we had in the covenant and that was the the word “DIVORCE, divorce ” is not an option, no matter how bad the marriage might get we will never get a divorce we will seek godly counseling with our pastor. You might be saying well you only been married a short time or you may say that you said those same words and now your divorced.

Please hear me on this, before we started talking marriage I grew up in a home where my parents got a divorce and it wasn’t easy. I am not judging those who got a divorced, but for me and my husband we have made up our minds and in our hearts that we are going to live by the scriptures. It’s to easy to throw in the towel and we just aren’t going to do that. Marriage brings about problems and those who are married you know what I am talking about. What we have done and still do is this, if we have prayed and talked and still can’t find a resolution we go to our Pastor for counseling and I am telling you folks Godly Counsel works. Our Pastor doesn’t take either one of our sides what he does is show us in the word of God what God says and we discuss the scriptures then we apply it to our situation. And believe me we come out feeling as though the weight has been lifted off our shoulders. For now we know what to do.

Everyday I thank God for my husband Ron, I waited a long time for God to send me a godly husband. This man respects, honors and loves me in ways that I never thought was possible. God tells us that a marriage is to be honored, and as Christians our marriage must be a reflection of Jesus Christ. Of course I could say more but I just wanted to share briefly with you that marriage is truly a gift from God and though it has its problems just like we have problems in our own lives we must treat marriage the way God views marriage.

Matthew 19:6 So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”