What causes quarrels and fights among you

James 4:1 says” What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?

Love Langauage

There is a saying that we say, “let go and let God” and yet many of us find it hard to do. And God truly does understand why we struggle with letting it go. For one it causes you and I pain, we have been disappointed treated badly. And part of us want the other person to hurt or know how we are feeling so we won’t let it go. We know that revenge is for the Lord not us. but depending on the severity of our circumstances we won’t give it to God, no matter how badly we are hurting.

Could it be that we don’t think that God will make them pay for what they did to us? But then if we do that we aren’t really trusting God to handle it for us. In this verse of scripture James is talking to the church folks not the sinners, he is telling them that they must refrain from arguing with one another and move on with God. But the church folks kept arguing and causing problems in the body all because they wanted to have it their way instead of following what God’s word said.

There will always be distension in the body of Christ, because we are flesh. James was reminding them to be more mature by speaking the truth and if no one would listen to what you are saying you have to let it go and let God deal with that person’s heart, but many of us don’t do that do we? We feel the need to beat a person down until they see it our way. Understand this the people in Christ time did not see or understand what He was saying so what makes you and I think that people will see things our way? God requires that we always speak the truth and let God deal with man’s heart. God does not want any of us manipulating others people and that is what the people were doing in the church they was using manipulation, as a task to get their own way.