Jump-Start Your Day

A challenge.

Don’t look at your cell phone, emails or social media for the first 20 minutes of waking up. Reason being is this, you just woke up there is nothing that pressing that it can’t wait until you given your self-time to adjust to being awake.

Looking at these things the moment you get out of bed will have an impact on your prospective for the day.

Eating a healthy breakfast will give you motivation and energize you at the same time.

Don’t make any difficult decisions until after you have eaten your breakfast.

Many people when they wake up the first thing they reach for is their cell phones and they immediately check social media sites. If you are checking your cell phones, emails first thing in the morning you are addictive to social media.

Use that time in the morning to talk to your family, share breakfast with them. When a person makes difficult decisions the moment they get out of bed they end up making the wrong decisions.

Jump-starting your mornings, the wrong way sets the tone of your perspective the day. Jump-start your day with the right attitude so that your perspective will be clear and not cloudy.