Truth vs Comfort

Proverbs 14:12 says” There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end, it leads to death.

Sadly, enough we are creatures of habits we prefer comfort over truth. I don’t think it’s a struggle for one to tell the truth I do believe it’s because we don’t know what truth really is. Our perception of truth is distorted by our own intellect.

Comfort makes us feel superior we are liked by others; we have a sense of peace. In other words, we are saying I approve and will go with a lie instead of living in truth. For instance, let’s say your friend asked you what do you think of their cupcakes that they made? You have taken a bite of it and you don’t care much for it, but instead of telling them the truth you rather stay in the comfort zone, so you say it was good.

Now I know must of you will probably not agree with this because you are saying right now that you spared their feelings. That’s what I am talking about, you rather lie then be truthful. How is being comfortable helping your relationship with your friend?

During our day we chose comfort over truth every time. Why is that? No matter how you want to justify your actions for comfort you must know that when it comes to the Lord Jesus there are no grey areas in His word. It’s all one-hundred percent truth. Jesus tells us we are to be truthful always, no matter what. He even goes to tell us what will happen when we don’t tell the truth.

In my home I learned at an early age to tell the truth, my parents instilled that truth in us, that no matter how bad it might be always telling the truth. In many homes today, parents aren’t teaching their children about truth. Therefore, we have adults who don’t understand what truth is.

I would rather be uncomfortable by the truth then to be comfortable by a lie. Truth causes one to grow, and to mature, without truth your headed down a path of death. It’s the truth that sets us free.