Did you Know???

That the average person wakes up in the morning in a bad mood? How do you wake up in the morning? I know you are laughing and probably saying that is a dumb question, but seriously how do you wake up? Do you wake up in a good mood or maybe you never really given it any thought because it’s just another day to you?

When I was a teenager I would always wake up in a good mood. Still due to this day wake up in a good mood. One day my husband said, ” baby you must be the only person who I know who wake up with a smile on their face. I have things in life that bothers me, I get down at times. But I can’t just wake up being mad or angry. I just can’t.

Instead of us acting negative and worrying about all the things we must do today, let’s focus on the good things, what brings a smile on your face? I say put on a song with an upbeat tempo this will lift your spirits. Read a verse out of the book of Psalms, make up a song and sing it. Step outside the door and smell nature. Look at all the beauty surrounding you. There are so many things we can do to bring inspiration into our daily lives.

I know we all are being pulled from one spectrum to the other but before we go and meet our day let’s start our day off right with a good attitude. For when we do this it will help us throughout our day.