Jesus ALWAYS calls the Unqualified

1 Corinthians 1:27 says’ But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

There are allot of things about this scripture that I am in love with. First, I love how God never calls people who are qualified, and the reason being is because they won’t give God the Glory and Honor that He deserves. People like this think and believes that they deserve the praise, they think had it not been for them it would not of work.

The next thing I love about this verse is that God will give you necessary tools to get the task done. The third thing I love about this is that God Himself will qualify who He calls. When I look at the very beginning of the bible starting with Genesis, there were people who didn’t understand why a Mighty God even choose them to do anything for God. They asked themselves questions like, Why? I am afraid. I don’t have what it takes. No one is going to listen to me. They aren’t going to believe that God has called me to do such a task. This task is even greater than I am. Don’t you have someone else you could send?

The list went on and on and yet God knew that they were mere men and woman who didn’t feel qualified. He chosen them because He knew that they would give God all the Glory they wouldn’t hoarder the praise for themselves. If God had chosen those who were qualified can you imagine how things would be?

We don’t have to look no further than the jobs we go to every day. Your employer is always looking for the person who has all the skills and a proven track record and that person is always promoted. And people like you are overlooked, and it makes you feel bad. Because you know that you would like the opportunity as well. Man never sees you. But thank God, we have a God who promotes us in front of the very ones who thinks we aren’t worth it. They sit back and wonder in amazement. How is it that you got the position when you don’t even have the qualifications? See what they don’t know is that you serve a God who always has your best interest at heart.

When God calls you it’s for a specific reason and at the time you may not know what it’s for, but everything will be reveal to you as you go through the process. God is building you for something much greater than you. Look at how Rahab hid the men of God and they remembered her when the death angel passes through the town that night. There are stories after stories of how God worked in the lives of the unqualified. Look at Mary she didn’t know that she was going to be pregnant and carry Jesus the Savior of this world in her belly. Family remember when God calls you, He will give you what you need, it may not make sense but keep trusting GOD! AMEN

Aren’t you Glad God calls you rather then Man?