Blessed Are You

Psalm 1:1 says, blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

How many times have we read this verse? This verse is what I like to call my go to when it seems like the wicked is prospering. Why I say that? I say that because it put things into prospective when I lose sight.

Often when it seems like we are being defeated or pulled from one end of the corner to the next it doesn’t feel as though we are prospering does it? We strive so hard to live the word of God and yet we are always faced with someone trying to oppose us. They get in our faces their mission is to see us be destroyed or throw in the towel and be like them.

Let’s start with that first line. Look at that word “ungodly” it basically means “guilty”. They’re guilty of sin. They’ve done wrong and they haven’t sought the mercy of God. They have no interest in seeking his forgiveness and mercy. And we all know someone like this right? Of course, because we too were just like them before we became born again.

The word counsel means advice, these people want to give you and I their advice. It’s not enough for them to follow their own destructive plans and advice. They offer it to everyone who will take it they even push it on those who don’t want it! Now the word walketh not refers to the blessed man. The life of the blessed is not characterized by following the worldly system and its foolish advice. The blessed man doesn’t read magazines on how to live life. He doesn’t engage in foolish conversations. The blessed man might have the unfortunate experience and trials, but he isn’t patterning his life after this stuff. The blessed man doesn’t stand in the way of sinners for he keeps his distance from the course of life that sinners are characterized as taking. He doesn’t flirt with it.

In the place of scornfulness, you have people who gather around causing strife and all the calamities that attach themselves to an utter rejection of wisdom and godly living. A blessed man has no interest in surrounding himself with the likes of these folks. Now don’t you see just how richly blessed you are when you live out this verse. Don’t let the ungodly cause you to think or believe that you are defeated.

Remember family we are VICTOROUS! The ungodly are not ahead of you they are under your feet.