Part2 Marriage is a Ministry!!!

For God’s design was not meant for the wife to take the roles in the home while your married. And men are to treat their wife as the Queen she really is. Christ has given you this woman that He designed just for you to be your helpmate, so treat her the same way you would treat Christ.

th2S9LW14NWhen problems arise and they do I don’t believe that either partner is to run to his or her friends and family members and start talking about your problems. There is a reason why God said that when the two come together they shall be as one. Matthew 19:5 for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh. God knew what would happen if you did not do this.

Ladies when you are upset or have disagreements you are not to down talk your spouse I don’t care how bad you think he is or he may not do what you think he should be doing, always praise him. Edifying him is what God wants you to do, and visa versa men you are not to down talk your wife. Society has enough to say about what really holds a marriage and what couples should do. God has given you the best guidebook written to man; and that is the bible.

So many times people are ready to just give up on their marriage and through in the towel while cutting their loses. I have heard people say I’m not in love any more or I fell out of love. How does a person falls out of love with someone? There is no such thing and yet people say it. If you really loved that person when you got married then you should still be in love. Unless you where just lusting after that person because true love never dies it last for eternity and as the days and years pass it grows more and deeper. So then my statement about Marriage being a Ministry is true. Think of it this way, God calls you to ministry and because you don’t have the drive anymore you telling me you are just going to walk out on it? Do you really think that God will be pleased with that? And if you do walk away don’t you think later in life you will regret your decision?

Marriage is not easy but please let God be the center of it and let your prayer life be the force behind it. Because without prayer you won’t be able to take the test of time. I know some men do find that praying can be a challenge for you, but I say get in practice with it. Get yourself your prayer closet and begin each day praying for your wife and your family. When the both of you are having trouble don’t hold a grudge, grab each other and kneel and pray together, husband and wife is a blessing union that God designed. No marriage is perfect but your marriage is to be a reflection of Christ. Remember Christ is married to the church and we are the church a body of believers.