Why one ahould never say the “HATE”word?  For obvious reasons, the bible speaks allot about this word. Jesus reminds us that hate destroys life. He teaches us never to say we hate our brothers and sisters.  Where there is hate there is no love.


When a person say that they hate a person they are literally destroying that persons spirit. They are destroying that persons dreams.

Hate destroys everthing, it brings death. And those who eat of it will reap the fruits of it.

There are things a person may not like about an individual and that is okay, but never say you hate .

As a human being we have got to watch what comes out of our mouths. We need to speak life not death. Because in all honesty if you say hate your really speaking death.

I for one am all about LIFE!


Quick Temper

Proverbs 14:17 says”A man of quick temper acts foolishly, and a man of evil devices is hated.

How many times have you lost your temper, and the moment you did you wish you could have stopped yourself? Often in life we lose our temper and the reason being is because of us being hot-headed.


Jesus tells us that when we do this we are acting like a foolish person who has no wisdom, and eventually come to devices to hate, and that is because we haven’t learned the art of self-control. We feel we must make our point and when others don’t agree or see our way then the war which rages within us comes to the surface.

You and I need to learn to not allow people and things to cause us to lose self-control, every time we lose control the enemy sits back and laugh at us as if we are the ones who is crazy. Don’t become a person who feels as though you must be right or that they must see it from your perspective or they must understand what you are saying, for that will not always happen. This is a game to the enemy to cause us to lose our tempers and the only way to win is to be still and remain calm.

For the next time you feel you are about to lose your temper “walk away remove yourself from the environment until you have calmed down then return when you are much calmer.