Why R We so Addicted to Temporal Things?

2 Corinthians 4:18 says’ So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

How we become so addicted to temporal things. Let me tell you what happen to me after Easter night. Of course, on Resurrection Sunday me and my family attended church together. My grandchildren were with us. We took lots of photos and so that evening after all the festive. I uploaded all my photos from my cell phone to my laptop.

Monday morning came and when I picked up my cell-phone it was dead. My first thought was how can this be I had it on my wireless charger? I immediately looked for the other charger and plugged the phone in. It still didn’t respond. By this time, I am concerned. I just purchased this 10S Plus a month ago. I used my husband’s phone and contacted the subscriber to see if they could troubleshoot it for me. Well, they informed me to take it into one of their stores.

After work I did go into one of their locations and they informed me that the new 10S plus has had some issues and that it would take them three to four weeks to get me a brand new one. Now currently hearing this I was very upset. For common sense says just give me one on your shelf, it’s not like I didn’t have insurance. I still wasn’t happy about what they told me, so I left the store.

Mad as I was, I got into my car and I prayed Lord you have got to work this out for me. I went to Walmart brought a cheap phone to get me through the time frame they told me. Got home and tried to activate it and it was like pulling teeth I couldn’t figure it out to save my life. I end up calling their customer service line. When the representative asked for certain information from the phone, it turns out that the sales person in Walmart gave me the wrong prepaid card. She said that it won’t add the minutes to the phone.

You can just imagine how I was steaming on the inside. I informed the woman of my dilemma and she went ahead and got the phone activated with the wrong minutes the sales person sold me. All my contacts and dates were in my phone. I was lost without my phone; I couldn’t call anyone for I didn’t have numbers memorized except for my family. Seriously though, before cell phones we managed. We kept dates and numbers and addresses in an address book and we never missed any appointments.

The next day I called my subscriber back and this time I spoke with a supervisor and explain my dilemma from the very beginning. The supervisor informed me that she will have a brand-new phone sent to me within 3 to 5 business days and that she will compensate me for the trouble I went through. Talk about feeling relieved. That night as I was saying my prayers, I had to repent of my behavior to God.

It was in that time when the Lord said this to me, you had allowed yourself to get so out of sorts over something that is only temporal. What would happen if you put that much effort into heavenly things? Family let me go on the record and say this. That was a hard pill to swallow and certainly the truth. 

So, what if I didn’t have my phone it’s not the end of the world. But my behavior was acting like it was. Are the temporal things that we have are we allowing them to take precedence over heavenly things? We are to appreciate things but never allow those things to become more then what they are. As promised my brand-new phone arrived via FedEx just like the supervisor had said.

I learned a valuable lesson one that I will never forget. Thank God for always teaching us daily lessons.