Giants Do Fall Down

Do any of you remember the words “the bigger they are the harder they fall; for giants do fall down?” I think most of us can say we look at giants and we wonder how are we ever going to get that giant to fall down? This morning I want to tell you about a giant that you and I face everyday, his name is Satan.

We look at that giant and we want to know how are we to make that giant fall? According to the word of God we can make every giant fall down and we do it by the word of God. In the bible young David had a giant whose name was Goliath, David used a sling.

What sling are you using to destroy your giant that is in your way? In the picture I am using for this post it really does speaks to how we feel when we are up against the giants in our lives. We feel vulnerable, helpless, defenseless, powerless, weak and susceptible. There is only thing that will work in our behalf when giants try to get in our way and that is the word of Almighty God.

You may not have a physical sling in your hands but what we do have is Jesus, He is bigger than any giant that you and I will ever face. Let us stop seeing ourselves as defeated for we are more than conquerors. Amen