Do you like Flavored Creme Coffee?

I am taking a survey yesterday as I was pouring myself coffee as I reached for my flavored creme I thought to myself, “wow these things can be addictive.

I just love Bailey’s and I think I’ve probably tried everyone Irish Creme, Creme Burlee and Hazelnut.  I like to think that I am a connoisseur of flavored creme coffees. My husband tells me that it’s not the coffee I like it’s the flavors of the cremes that I am addictive to. And so I got to thinking “what if he is right?” I had to know, so I  went on a thirty-day fast no coffee. Turns out I wasn’t addicted to coffee I was addictive to the cremer. I had to break that crazy cycle, so now I don’t drink coffee like I use to and sometimes I go months without coffee at all.

It’s that what temptation does to you and I, it gives us that addictive aroma that tells us it’s okay to partake of it, it gives us that shallow satisfaction of enjoyment. It’s not until we put down that temptation that we can stare it right in the eye and say we are no longer tempted by you any longer.

Tell me what flavors do yo add to your coffee or perhaps your tea…