God Works Behind the Scenes

Matthew 6:6 says” But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.


One of the things I just absolutely love about Jesus is that He works behind the scenes” what I mean is this, life is so uncertain and every day that we are alive and we get up we think we know what we are doing, we have so much confidence with what we know how to do and what we are going to do that day.

Not realizing all the evil and dangers that are awaiting us, not that we are to walk in fear for we are not to walk in fear but in love, but I do believe we take for granted the Mercies of God.. Our Lord Jesus is always busy working to provide and protect us from all predators and He’s always working to bring forth blessings our way. He is strategically  working to move things in place for us so we can be a blessing to someone else.

And all the while He’s doing this we are unaware of Him doing this because we don’t walk in humility. Understand and hear me out please, we know that being a child of God we are to be the salt of the earth we are to be that light for others, but at times we can be so comfortable in doing just that, we forget about being in humility and humbling ourselves.

You and I don’t deserve anything that God gives us we don’t deserve His love or His salvation but because of who He is He has given us Salvation…He’s given us Grace and Mercy.I think we as His children we need to redirect somethings in our lives we need to start looking at, had it not been for God’s Mercies we would not have life…to me this is very sobering. God is always behind the scene working in our lives, let us be mindful of that, shall we?