The Game of Chess

James 1:2 says” My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations.

Have you ever played the game of Chess? If you haven’t chess is a game played between two opponents on opposite sides of a board containing 64 squares of alternating colors. Each player has 16 pieces: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights, and 8 pawns.

Chess is not a game where one makes fast moves, it requires you to take your time. Often times one doesn’t always finish the game. They will leave it and come back to it another time, for each move is done strategic.

Here in our scripture James strongly teaches humility in God and encourages you and I to pray when we don’t know what to do next. James begins by telling us we are to find JOY during our problems. James also shares with us about perspective, he shared with us how do we see ourselves when problems arises.

Do we see ourselves as over-comers or do we see ourselves as defeated?  It’s all about perspective, what do we see when problems and challenges come our way. James is showing to change our perspective.

Remember how you and your friends would play this game for hours? What was it about this game that kept our attention? I believe it was the competitiveness that kept us playing for hours. If we lost one round we would say I want a rematch, and of course our opponent did not mind they loved it as much as we did.

But at the end of the game no matter how many times you lost or won you walked away still being friends, looking forward to tomorrow to play again. Doesn’t life at times seem like a game of checkers and chess? Always moving across the board, strategizing what your next step would be? Will it be a good move or will it be a lost for you?

How do you view the decisions in your life? James ask the question do you see yourself as an over-comer? Or do you see yourself as defeated? How one sees themseves is how they will handle decisions in their life.


FREE~ Your Mind from The Slavery of Pharaoh

One of the things I have noticed and I see it within my own life and that is we often tend to put limits on what God can do for us. We want Jesus blessings but we never think about those internal blessings that we need. See we all deal with issues like anger, annoyed, arrogant, ashamed, bitter, bored, bullied complaining, condemned people, controlling spirits, critical spirits, guilt, insecure, lazy, jealous, lonely, procrastination, resentful, self-destructive, self- hatred, pity shy, stubborn, timid and these are just to name a few.


And yet we spend so much time asking God to bring us blessings in material things, the more possessions we have the more we feel we are blessed. But God is wanted to do a blessing in every area of your life.

What stops us from understanding the whole thing about blessings, is that we are still in slavery in our minds. We are no different from the children in Egypt, they cried and begged for a leader to deliver them out of Pharaoh’s hands and the moment the Lord raised up Moses and delivered them the people complain about being in the wilderness, they thought they was better off being in Pharaoh’s court.

What they neglect to see is themselves being delivered not just in the physical but in the spirit but because they could not see that their mindset was still in slavery.

Is your mind still in slavery, back at Pharaoh’s court? If we were to be honest we will see just how much slavery we are in, Jesus came to deliver us from slavery and yet we want all these things of possessions when Jesus is wanting to do a heart surgery and make you into what you never were. In 3 John, we see in verse 2 how God said “beloved I wished above all things that as you prosper in be in good health that your soul prospers. We have far too many Christians not prospering the way Jesus wanted us to because we don’t understand the truth of God’s Blessings.

Don’t let fear keep you from knowing the truth about God’s blessings. Paul describes these blessings as “spiritual blessings, and blessings that are in “heavenly places’ meaning the blessings are not physical or material. Got it?