Pot Luck Luncheons

How many of you like potluck? Remember when they have potluck luncheons at work at church and other functions? And the day before the potluck you had to think of what to make, some of us would cheat and purchase something so we wouldn’t have to figure out what to make.

But what about the excitement that went along with it? For me I love potluck, have you ever asked yourself what is the purpose of a potluck? I believe the purpose is to get everyone involved in knowing one another. Once the food is brought out to the tables now the real fun begins. It’s about relaxing and having fun, getting the chance to know each other.

My challenge today is this, will you have a potluck luncheon with someone who is around you? Instead of you always sitting by yourself with your nose in a book or magazine how about sitting next to someone and share a meal, Offer them half of your sandwich or a couple pieces of your grapes.

So often we miss out on those first five minutes where we can really make a difference. You could just very well be the one to change their day from sad to great.