If you forgive: Why do you rehash the issue?

Mathew 6:14 says’ For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you,

How come when we say we forgive a person why do we remind them of what they did? If we truly have forgiven them then there should be no reason why we throw it back into their faces if we get offended?


Reason I believe we throw it back in their faces is because we really didn’t forgive them in our hearts, because forgiveness is not easily angered, but if a person can cause you to rehash old wounds then you need to check yourself in your heart first and go back and forgive them for real.

Look at the times you mess up and you ask God to forgive you, what would you do if God kept bringing up your mess up? You wouldn’t like that, right? OF course, you won’t so why do you do it with others?

I think we really need to look at forgiveness from God’s heart instead of our own hearts, because somewhere down the road we are missing it…