Marriage: Repeating the Mistakes of Eve

Genesis 2:18 It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.

What we know about Eve is that she was the first woman in the world, yet she is the mother of us all. Adam now had another human being with whom to fellowship- someone with an equal share in God’s image. Together they were greater than either could have been alone. Eve was approached by Satan in the Garden of Eden, where she and Adam lived.

Here are a few of her weaknesses and mistakes, she allowed her contentment to be undermined by Satan. She acted impulsively without talking either to God or Adam. Not only did she sinned, but she shared her sin with her husband, Adam. And when confronted, she blamed others instead of being accountable for her own actions. Let’s learn from them shall we?

Satan questioned Eve’s contentment by saying” how could you be happy when you are not allowed to eat from one of the trees? Satan helped Eve shift her focus from all that God had done. Sounds familiar? How often is our attention drawn from the much which is ours to the little that isn’t? We get that” I’ve got to have it” feeling, Eve was typical of us all, and we consistently show we are her descendants by repeating her mistakes.

Our desires, like Eve’s can be quite easily manipulated. They are not the best basis for actions, we need to keep God in our decision-making process always. His Word, the Bible, is our guidebook in decision making. The necessary ingredients for a strong marriage are commitment to each other, companionship with each other, complete oneness, absence of shame.

God could have created Eve from the dust of the ground as he made man. God, chose, however to make her from the man’s flesh and bone. In so doing, He illustrated for us that a marriage man and woman symbolically become one flesh. This is a mystical union of the couple hearts and lives. Throughout the bible, God treats this special partnership seriously. If you are married or planning to be married, are you willing to keep the commitment that makes the two of you one? The goal in marriage should be more than friendship, it should be oneness.