`Food 4 Thought`

Many of us when we rise in the morning we start the day with running to the kitchen to get that first cup of coffee or hot tea? Then after that we get into our routine for how the rest of the morning will flow.

We are creatures of habit, aren’t we? Any type of break from our routine makes us freak out. You might think that you aren’t, but we do. For instance, we say something like, “I haven’t had my coffee yet” now what type of statement is that really?”

Why are we basing what we do by having our coffee first before we can do anything?

Does one need to have that cup of joe before they can think or move? When we make statements like this we are saying, that cup of coffee will decide the day you will have? It’s sad that we put so much priority into a cup of joe.

Imagine what would happen if we reached for the bible first in the morning before the coffee. Imagine what would happen if we prayed first before we had that coffee or tea?

Think about it for Monday is tomorrow and many of us will reach for coffee first before we reach for GOD!