Nigh to Thy Dwelling

Psalm 91:7 says” A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

This scripture here is short yet it is so very powerful. How many times have you and I found ourselves struggling to make the right decision? And for some odd reasons it appears as if we can’t even get through the first one before the next issue has hit us? We all can identify with this.

David was saying that no matter what life throw his way that his strength and confidence is in Christ alone. And though it may seem like the fire is getting closer to us it will not come nigh to us. Which means we can smell the sulfur, but it won’t burn not one piece of hair or touch our clothing.

If you and I remain in Christ, nothing is going to bring harm to us. I know you might be saying well Desiray I see what you are saying but you don’t understand my situation? Let me tell you my friend I know we all go through life with problems. None of us are exempt from it. But what you must understand is this even when your circumstances seem hopeless. And when doubt comes into our mind and fear wants to grip our hearts. We must speak God’s word to our circumstances. Rest assure that Jesus will not let our circumstances overtake us.

Father God I thank you for this day. Many people woke up with yesterday’s problems still on their minds. Lord your word says that Your mercies are new each day. Lord I ask that those who are feeling the pressures of life would just hold on and muster up enough faith that they will see that You Lord will not let it come nigh to them. For You are our protector give them peace in mind, heart and spirit. I ask in Jesus mighty name, AMEN