Why do we fear what others think?

1 Samuel 12:22 says” Only fear the LORD and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great [things] he hath done for you.

Why do we fear what others think of us? I believe the main reason we fear what others think about us is because we are people pleaser more than God pleaser.

Look at all the different stories were people had to choose between standing for what is right or going with the crowd.

And it started with Adam and Eve, they were the only people on the earth and didn’t had to please man at all. They didn’t have to worry about people talking behind their backs and they still choose to do what was wrong and pleased only themselves.

In the story about David, Saul and Nathan a very familiar story of how Saul wanted to kill David we see how David hid in a cave so Saul would not find him. And sad thing about this story is Nathan was the son of Saul while, yet he was a friend of David he didn’t want his father to kill him. Talk about a triangle on how to handle that type of relationship.

David could have done many things he could have set in his heart to kill Saul, but he didn’t, he kept doing what God told him to do. I am sure that there were people talking behind his back probably calling him a chicken because he was running from Saul. But whatever the people were or was not saying Samuel choose not to fear what the people was thinking.

Let’s be real shall we, no one wants to hear about someone talking about them behind their backs. But we can’t be fearful of what people will say. For we will never be able to please everyone, so instead of being stressed out over who will be upset or not let’s just be a God pleaser. For when we become people pleaser, we will never be a God pleaser. I don’t say this lightly but there must come a time in each one of our lives that we are either going to please God or we please man. The word of God says we can’t be both!