Bargains and Deals

Mark 2:6 says, But there were certain of the scribes sitting there, and reasoning in their hearts.

We all like bargains and deals don’t we? We like when we can go into the store and that thing we have had our eye on is on sale. We will even save money just so we can buy that hot new item. Sometimes we will wheel and deal with the sale associate and show them that their competitors have the same item for much less, hoping that they will honor the lesser price for us.

With the prices of things we all want to save money for that will keep more money in our pockets. There are somethings in which we simply can’t bargain at all. And that is our relationship with Christ. And sadly enough we do give God our bargaining pitch don’t we?  We make statements like this, ” Lord if you do this one thing for me, I promise I will be in church next Sunday.” Who do we think we are? How soon we forget about God when He gave to us. We make all the time in the world to listen to our gospel music, reading the bible daily. But the moment the Lord blesses what do we do? We go right back to our own way of living.

It’s easy to do those things when your life is upside down. Try doing them when your life is right side up. We are humans who have it all backwards. When things are running smooth we don’t have time for God.  But when things are bad at the moment we make time.  We are to make time for God in good and bad times.

Salvation is free for us but it cost God everything. For He sent His Son for us. Let’s stop wheeling and dealing with the Lord and be honest with Him.  Jesus knows you and I all to well.  He knows just what you and I will and will not do. When I think of wheeling and dealing I think about Ananias and Safaris and we know what happen in that story. They both died for lying to God.

Warning: Jesus warned His disciples and the religious people many times about reasoning in their hearts.