Memorizing Scripture

Psalm 119:11 says” I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.

Remember in Sunday School? Your teacher gave you scriptures you had to recite? Oh I surely do remember those days. When we read this verse here the Psalmist is reminding you and I that we are to hide the word in our hearts so that we don’t sin against the Lord.


When we memorize scripture it helps us so much because we can use it the moment we need it, but if a person does not memorize scripture they are prepared.

The Lord in His Grace knows that you and I aren’t going to remember the entire bible verse for verse, but what we can do is start remembering some of the verses. Imagine if you would what would happen if a child of God never knew one verse in the Bible? It’s even hard to even think about right? It’s like a person having a flat tire and no spare in the trunk no jack and your stranded on a road all alone and there is not a single car riding by for miles. Surely you can imagine the panic look on our face as your jaw drops.  In a situation like this it would take an act of God to come to your aid to help you get your car running.

Same analogy when it comes to memorizing scripture, there is a need for us to memorize God’s word. AMEN.

Lord God help us to memorize your word for your word is life to us.