Ignoring God

Romans 3:23 says” For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

No one likes to be ignored we all want to be taken serious enough that people will pay attention to us. And when we are ignored by someone it bothers us. We wonder why? We may never know the reason about why, they are ignoring us. But did you know that as you and I go through our day we too ignore people. We might not do it intentionally but we do, do it.

In according to this scripture Jesus is telling us that we all have fallen short of the glory of God, we have sinned because we have chosen to ignore God.

There are three ways that we ignore a person, by sight, eyes and mouth! Wow, I bet you did not know that did you? Think for a moment when we turn our head to not look at something or to pretend it’s not there we are ignoring it. When we close our eyes we are saying I refuse to see what is in front of me. And last but least when we close our mouth and say absolutely nothing when in fact we should respond.

Think of the person who is on your job who comes around you allot but because their personality is different then what you are used to you ignore them.  And what about your friends, you love them but one of them just happens to be a know it all. So when she speaks you immediately cut her off.

We all are guilty of ignoring people and things rather it’s done by accident or intentionally we all do it. Just because we do it, does not make it right. And so today let’s change that. Let’s start by not ignoring people and things. And please don’t ignore this blog.