Temptation, There is A way Out.

Matthew 4:1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.

Jesus was tempted, where did we get this notion that we aren’t going to be tempted? Satan tempted Jesus to draw him away from the path of perfect obedience to God’s Will. Let’s clear this notion that some have about Jesus not being tempted.

While Jesus was being tempted by Satan, Jesus never gave into the temptation. Which means you and I, can do the exact same thing. Continue to follow along with me, shall we?

Satan’s efforts appealed to the human desire to satisfy or lift self. Notice that in each temptation, Jesus relied on and submitted himself to the authority of God’s written word rather than yielding to the suggestion of Satan. Since all believers are tempted in the same way, there is much we can learn from Christ.

Satan is our greatest enemy, we must constantly be aware that we are engaged in spiritual warfare with unseen but very real powers of evil.

These powers want to change the course of Gods plans, destroy lives and make sure that people remain in spiritual darkness and are condemned for eternity.

Without the Holy Spirit and the proper use of God’s Word, we cannot consistently overcome sin and temptation. However, there are things we can do to help us learn how to use God’s word in overcoming temptation.

  • Realizing that through the word you have the power to resist any appeal Satan can make.
  • Get the word of God into your heart and make it active in your life by constantly mediating on it.
  • Reading and pondering over and over what it means and how it can apply to specific situations in your life.
  • Fill your mind with God’s word by memorizing as much of it as possible, quoting scriptures to yourself and to God the instant you are tempted.

Now it’s time that we stop blaming God when we are tempted, it’s time to stop blaming God when we part-take of the temptation. Jesus has given us the perfect way to handle temptation, the choice is yours of how you will respond to Satan’s temptation. Jesus always gave the word “It is written” what will you say?