Why do you “have to be right?

What is it about us that we must be right? Why must we put all our energy and focus into getting our point across? We as human beings will go to the depth of the sea to prove a point. We will pull out all the stops just to make our case, and for what? Do we really have to be right or is it that we don’t want to be wrong?

If we would put the same amount of time we put into proving ourselves into our spiritual walk with Jesus, we all would be further then we are now in the Lord. For example, we don’t even know how to be still in the presence of God for a period, but we sure will state our case with much zeal and efforts.

We have it backwards folks we are not to put that much time and effort into things that are not of God, and that includes our emotions, our decisions and anything else. When we are, disappointed or hurt, we talk about it for hours, why are we wasting such valuable time nursing that pain? Why are we using all of our time convincing others when it’s not that important? Seriously folks, say what is on your heart and let it go, there’s no need to waist precious time on matters that will have you downcast.

Turn the tables on your flesh and start using that time studying the word, praying, ministering to those who are in need, spending time listening to Jesus. We are surely creatures of habit, even when we are talking to someone about the Lord and if they aren’t receiving what we are saying we get into that prideful state of forcing them to listen to what we have say. While at the same time we think, God is pleased because we are witnessing. Little do you know that God is never pleased when our flesh gets in the way of His word and work. It’s not up to you to get a person saved, only Jesus Christ can save man, your task is to witness and that’s it.

Instead trying to prove yourself while trying to be right, how about you give the Lord that time you spent in proving your point and when you do that watch what the Lord will do in you. Anytime we are trying to be right, it’s of the devil, why because the devil will arouse your flesh so that you speak like a foolish man and cause us to argue. God doesn’t operate like that, remember the spirit of control, a man who control his tongue is a wise man.