Counting the Cost

Today’s Word is “ But whatever was to my Profit”

Philippians 3:7 says “But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ”. What did Paul mean by this? What was his profit and what did he loose for the sake of the call?

Paul came from being self-centered to Christ centered. As long as we are Self-centered we will never know the depth and the magnitude of what it means for the sake of Christ.

Everything that Paul had he counted it all rubbish. He wanted to know Christ, and experience His power and His suffering. Paul knew that in order to do this he must stay focus and change things in his life.

He discerned what hindered him from being all that he needed to be in Christ. He let go of everything that was a distraction to him. And we must rid of anything that will hinder us from this call. What I like about what Paul did was he never said it was going to be a process for him. He just did it. Can you look at your own walk with God and say I am going to remove all distractions from me which will hinder my walk with God? For the greater cost? See to me Paul counted the cost and the cost was loosing himself while being found in Christ Jesus.

Paul also knew what he wanted, do you know what you want? Now when I ask this it has nothing to do with ministry! It has everything to do with your personal relationship with Jesus. Paul wanted to die for the gospel. Are you willing to die for the gospel? Many of us will answer this after we give it some thought, but somewhere in our lives we just got to get to the point where we realize that living life without Jesus is not living at ALL!

He also was determined to get it. And he knew in order to get it he forgot the pass and press towards the prize. What did Paul had to get pass? He had to get pass himself. So many times we get in the way of what God is doing.

Many of us find it hard to get pass ourselves because we think we know it all. We still want to be in charge of our lives? We don’t seek God for wisdom we don’t ask for guidance.