The Fabric of a MAN

Proverbs18:22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord

We have heard women say they want a good man, The question that I pose to you today is do you know “The Fabric of a Man?

What I share with you today might just be surprising to some of you, you might think I’ve gone overboard. But I haven’t you just might be surprised as to what you thought you knew about a man. A fabric of A Man is more than his gender. The fabric of a man is all about the substance of that man. It’s what makes him a man. We have many books that will tell you all about what to do for your man. No wonder it’s a hot commodity, because when a person doesn’t know what is the Fabric of a Man they will buy into anything that they don’t know or what they can’t obtain. Once you know the substance of that man you will never have to read those books again.


Ladies never lower your standards for a man. But did you know that a good man knows when you are not marriage material? See what you have neglected to complete is that you still have those deposits of other men still inside of you. When a person has sex they not only get that man’s semen but they get everything else about that man. They get his bad habits, his personalities. You haven’t  allowed yourself to be complete free and clean from all those other men God is not going to allow you to destroy a good man’s life.

Most women have this idea that a good man works in the corporate office 8-5 making six figures. When all along that could be for some but God has, His good men working everywhere including a street cleaner, a trash collector or construction worker. But you end up turning your head because he’s dirty and he doesn’t look appealing to your eyes so this brother doesn’t have a chance with you. You have got to stop reading those magazines that Hollywood puts out it gives a very false idea of what a good man is about. Read the Bible and you’ll see what a good man looks like verse a not so good man. Get a Godly man not a worldly man!

You ignore this man but you pay close attention to the man dressed up who will probably treat you less of a woman or who might just be a womanizer. The fabric of a man is that man who knows how to pray for you when your head is down, he says words that will lift your spirit. He is the type of man that will get out of bed even when he’s not feeling well because He knows what security means to you.

So, ladies the next time you see a fine man before you say to God that you want a good man, be prepared to get those other men who had deposited in you gone first. God love all of us and He will never let you destroy an innocent person life just so you can be married. For now I will let you chew on few words I have given you.